HVAC New Construction for Custom Home Builders

HVAC Contractor for New Construction

When it comes to building a new custom home, it’s important to make sure every aspect of the construction is done properly including the HVAC. Hiring a new construction HVAC contractor with unique skills and experience will make the biggest impact when it comes to the comfort, safety, and longevity of the heating and cooling system. 

We work closely with several custom home builders and engineers to help design and install high-quality HVAC systems. Whether the homeowners want a mid-range more affordable option or a high-efficiency energy saving system. We specialize in it all! 

Load Calculations

For all our new construction home builds we use load calculations to determine the heating and cooling needs of the home. By doing this, we maximize comfort, air flow and lower the overall utility costs.These calculations include;

  • Windows and glass exposure
  • Climate
  • Sun Orientation
  • Air Leakage of Home and Ducts
  • Lights and Appliances
  • Number of Occupants

What to Expect with Southern Comfort

Once the equipment is selected as well as the duct work design is finished, we set up a job site visit to ensure the mechanical plan will work with the actual construction of the home.

Rough In

Our technicians will cut and build the duct work within our custom metal shop and then deliver it to the job site. Then they will hang the duct work and ensure it is properly strapped and sealed. They will also set the furnace, coil and refrigerant lines.


When the home is almost completed, our technicians will set the condenser and finish the connections.Then the system will be charged with refrigerant and a performance test will be done to ensure the proper air flow at every register. 

Additional New Construction Services

  • Manual J, D, S calculations
  • Underground gas piping
  • Custom built duct work in our metal shop


New Construction Quote

To get a quote for your new construction project, please fill in your information below and we will contact you shortly. If you already have a copy of the blueprint plans, please email them to info@southerncomfortutah.com