3 Ways to Lower Your Energy Bills During the Winter

3 Ways to Lower Your Energy Bills During the Winter

When it comes to your utility bills, the amount to heat and cool your home can get pretty expensive.

The average US family spends around $2200 per year in energy bills, and roughly half of that is paying for your furnace or air conditioner, says the US Department of Energy.

Luckily, there are several easy ways you can cut costs and save money during the winter months.

Lower Your Thermostat For Several Hours Each Day

If you or your family are gone for several hours each day, lower your thermostat a few degrees while your out, or try lowering the temperature when you go to bed and bundle up with heavier blankets.

The US Department of Energy states that you can save as much as 10% on your utility bills just by setting your thermostat 3 degrees cooler.

Better yet, invest in a two-stage or other high-efficiency furnace that will automatically shut off when it reaches the temperature you set instead of running continuously.

Keep Your Furnace Cleaned and Maintained

If your furnace filter, coil, blower or any other vital components get dirty and are not consistently maintained then your furnace will work harder to heat your home.

This will significantly raise your utility bills due to the more energy and time it takes your furnace to heat up properly.

Not to mention, the additional costs you’ll end up paying for breakdowns and repairs later on. You can do this by checking and cleaning your furnace filter regularly and hiring a licensed heating contractor to preform yearly tune-ups.

Add Moisture to the Air with a Humidifier

Did you know that the amount of humidity in your home determines how much heat that the air can hold?

For example during the summertime, the more humid it is, the more that heat will be held in your home and you’ll have to run your air conditioner harder to cool it.

However, during the winter the air gets very dry making it harder to heat your home. If you invest in a whole home humidifier for winter, you’ll increase the amount of heat making your furnace not have to work so hard.

If your heating bills are costing you lots, Southern Comfort can help you find a solution to save hundreds.

We provide maintenance and service, in case you’re interested in getting a smart thermostat to help you with step 1 or you need help cleaning and maintaining your furnace.

We also specialize in new installations including whole-home humidifiers and furnace installs ranging from low to high efficiency.

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